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MedTherapy was founded on the principle of public-private partnership whereby the revenue generated through the private partner (MedTherapy) is used to support the charitable and free healthcare programs of the public partner. Towards that end, MedTherapy’s primary non-profit partner is the Boston-based International Health Organization (IHO).

I.H.O. Serving the world for 25 years!

‘International Health Organization’ (IHO), founded in 1992 by a group of health experts at Harvard University under the leadership of former US Ambassador and Professor Emeritus John Kenneth Galbraith is a non-profit charitable organization providing free preventive healthcare services in US and developing countries for PREVENTION of diseases including Cancer prevention. Revenue generated through MedTherapy are donated to IHO for supporting cancer prevention programs globally.

In addition, MedTherapy has partnership with many US and global public, private, charitable and academic institutions. MedTherapy collaborations range from production of medical therapies for partnering institutions; running clinical trials; R & D; developing cost-effective models for cancer prevention and treatment.

Organization involved in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are welcome to enter into partnerships with us! We also welcome partnership for joint production of cell, gene and immunotherapies for cancer. Any partnership is welcome as long as it is predicated upon common belief towards:

  • Disease prevention is better than cure;
  • Developing the most sophisticated and effective cutting edge therapies for cancer;
  • Making these therapies affordable for the masses.