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As an American biotechnology corporation operating and serving patients globally, MedTherapy works with the investor community worldwide. We welcome meaningful partnership with financial institutions from all over the globe. We have existing financial partnership with institutions from all sectors – private, public, academic and charitable world. We believe in a win-win investment strategy where we are equally vested in cancer prevention and cancer treatment; healthy ROI for our investors; and corporate responsibility through our partner, the International Health Organization (IHO) whereby we endeavor to make the expensive therapies more affordable.

Top 10 advantages that MedTherapy has in generating revenue in the dynamic world of biotechnology and healthcare:

  1. One of the most distinguished medical and scientific team including from Harvard University and former Novartis experts;
  2. Global presence;
  3. Partnership with world renowned International Health Organization’ (IHO) founded by Harvard University health experts;
  4. Collaboration with vast global network of healthcare institutions and providers through IHO’s work over 25 years;
  5. One of the most advanced state of the art futuristic 21st century manufacturing facilities for cell, gene and immunotherapies;
  6. Shortest time from investment to manufacturing to revenue;
  7. Not dependent upon the vagaries of unpredictable and unsuccessful clinical trials;
  8. Helping the US government in reducing the cost of healthcare in US;
  9. One of the most cost-effective manufacturers in the world for medical therapies involving cell, gene and immunotherapies;
  10. One of the highest and fastest Return on Investment (ROI).