Frederick De Brito Biography

Frederick De Brito, PhD, MBA

Head, Regulatory Affairs

Dr. De Brito has led global regulatory affairs teams as Director, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at many biotech and pharmaceuticals including GSK, Novartis, Shire Pharmaceuticals, MedImmune, Amgen and Eli Lilly and Company. He has led many products through FDA and global regulatory process to successful commercial launch. Dr. De Brito has more than 15 years Global Drug Regulatory Affairs experience including FDA Marketing approval for Novartis’s ILARIS®; Extensive Drug R & D experience in Major Pharma and BioPharma and managing multi-disciplinary projects through both US and European regulatory agencies.

Dr. De Brito completed his MBA degree from Cass Business School in London, UK; his PhD degree in Immunology and Pharmacology from University of East London; and his graduate degree BSc Honors in Pharmacology from University of Bradford.